Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Episode 3) – Facing “Cannibal Candy” III

The mystery behind Cannibal Candy approaches it’s climax with some very big developments this episode. In addition, Yaya’s creator, Shouko, has arrived to unlock her latent potential.

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Facing “Cannibal Candy” III

After returning from their outing on the town, Charlotte and Raishin discover that another doll has been cannibalized. And then when Raishin returns to his dorm, Shouko arrives, the well-endowed master puppetm-maker who built Yaya. She unlocks some power within Yaya, and then we get another flashback to Raishin’s past – he is the last surviving member of his clan, and Shouko found him desperately training in order to exact revenge on the one who decimated his clan. She took him in and gave him Yaya to use for his purposes.

Raishin then finds out that Charlotte never returned to her dorm, and heads out himself. He meets up with a girl from the disciplinary committee, who takes him into the school’s armory. There, he steals the key from her and discovers the sewn up body of a girl, Lisette Norden (I don’t remember who this is or how important she is… haha). He discovers that the disciplinary girl is in on it after she bashes him in the head. As he’s being carried out, he awakens Yaya’s power, and arrives just in time to protect Charlotte from Felix, another disciplinary committee member, who also happens to be Cannibal Candy.

Episode Thoughts

This was a pretty cool episode. A little fan service, a little backstory, and the mystery elements were pretty good. I wasn’t really treating the last few episodes like a mystery, so when Raishin pointed a couple things out that happened last episode, I thought it was interesting to watch. I generally like to think about mysteries as they play out, but then it was still cool to see.

Naturally, there wasn’t very much action this episode. But seeing as the episode ended on a confrontational note between Raishin and Felix, there’s no doubt we’ll get some good fighting next episode, and get to see the extent of Yaya’s new power. Looking forward to it!

Episode Highlights

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