Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Episode 5) – Facing “Sword Angel” I

An assassin is after Raishin, only, she’s not very good at it. What she is good at though is giving us plenty of fan service, making this the most ecchi episode yet from Unbreakable Machine-Doll!

Facing “Sword Angel” I

While with Yaya in his dorm, Raishin exits his bedroom to find a girl tied up in a net. After dealing with Yaya’s initial outburst, he cuts the girl down. She then proceeds to offer him some food, which he suspiciously accepts, but spits out as it’s too salty. She admits that she ran out of sleeping powder so she substituted salt. Finally, the girl gets herself wet in the shower and then lies in his bed, inviting him to warm her up. Raishin kicks her out.

The next day, Raishin notices the girl, whose name he discovers is Frey, building a cage outside the dorm building. But she ends up getting caught in the cage herself. Her brother, Loki, then arrives and begins to berate her, causing her doll, a wolf, to get angry. Loki sets his own doll on the wolf, but before it can deal a finishing blow, Yaya steps in and stops the fight. Raishin begins to investigate Frey and her family, alongside Charlotte. That night, Raishin awakes to Frey in his bed with a knife in her cleavage.

Finally, a girl named Komurasaki, Yaya’s “little sister”, arrives, and using an invisibility spell, takes Raishin with her to investigate something. The episode ends with Yaya being struck by something as she was talking to Charlotte’s doll, Sigmund.

Episode Thoughts

Well, if I had any doubts about how ecchi Unbreakable Machine-Doll was going to be, they are gone now. This episode was packed full of fan service. Mostly from Frey, but also from Yaya, and a little from Charlotte and Komurasaki. Lot of breasts in this episode. Seems like a good time to introduce all of this too, considering we’re coming off of the last arc and easing into another one.

Naturally, there wasn’t much action. But the story is coming together. The Evening Party will begin very soon, so likely we’ll see that kick off next episode. Basically, Raishin has to spend an hour every day for the next 100 days on a specified battlefield where the party takes place. Every day, a new contender enters the party. As he’s ranked at the bottom, Raishin is one of the first who will have to enter.

Also this episode ended with Raishin and Komurasaki making some sort of discovery, so we’ll likely learn more about that, Frey, and Loki next episode. That and we’ll see what happened with Yaya.

Episode Highlights

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