Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Episode 6) – Facing “Sword Angel” II

The plot thickens as Raishin and Komurasaki investigate Frey’s family. There are some close calls, friends made, and secrets revealed. Some fan service along the way also. And now, it’s time for the Evening Party to begin!

Facing “Sword Angel” II

Raishin and Komurasaki continue their investigation, coming across a wolf like Frey’s doll that can talk. They converse with her and learn that she is the “mother” of Frey’s doll, and others like it. They break her out, but on the way out, Raishin is forced to leave her behind because he can’t carry her up a ladder while he’s being shot at.

Meanwhile, Yaya had been shot. Charlotte arrives and feeds mana to Yaya in order to help her recover. Later on, after Raishin has returned, Shouko enters his room and gives him an order from the Japanese government, as we’ve learned that Raishin is a spy for them, working under Shouko. She orders Raishin to acquire Frey’s doll’s heart, which would require killing the doll, something Raishin doesn’t want to do.

The episode ends with the Evening Party beginning, kicking off with a fight between Raishin and Loki, with Raishin taking a serious blow in order to protect Yaya, after having flashbacks to the wolf doll he had left behind earlier.

Episode Thoughts

Once again it seems there are mystery elements here. While Frey’s motivation for stopping Raishin was made clear, as her father was essentially blackmailing her into doing it, we now have to wonder why the Japanese government wants Raishin to kill her doll and steal it’s heart – discreetly, too. And how Raishin is going to handle it. I look forward to seeing how that’s handled. Also, it seems Raishin’s teacher is up to something, so we’ll see about that too.

There was a bit of fan service this episode, much of which just being Shouko’s cleavage, but hey, it’s something. Unbreakable Machine-Doll has already given us more fan service than I initially expected, to be honest. Clearly Raishin isn’t going to die just yet, with the anime only being half done, so we’ll see how he gets through this fight with Loki and then deals with Frey soon enough!

Episode Highlights

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