Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Episode 7) – Facing “Sword Angel” III

Surely Raishin won’t have survived a blade through the chest, right? We’re just over halfway through the series and it seems we see more of Shouko with every episode. Perhaps the busty doll maker can take Raishin’s position as protagonist?

Facing “Sword Angel” III

Raishin and Yaya have been defeated, but Loki doesn’t finish them off or take Raishin’s glove, meaning that Raishin is not eliminated. Raishin is rushed off to receive medical attention, while Yaya broods over him. Raishin spends the next day recovering.

The next night, Loki faces his sister, Frey. Frey and her wolf doll Ravi are outclassed from the beginning, and when it looks like the end for Ravi, the wolf goes berserk and begins forcefully draining Frey’s mana via her blood. During Loki’s fight with Ravi, Raishin arrives and clashes with Loki, trying to stop Loki from killing Ravi.

He then gets Loki to trust him, and manages to get to Frey to stop her mana, which then causes Ravi to collapse. The two are then carried off. Shouko personally operates on Ravi in an attempt to save the wolf’s life. After the operation, Frey and Ravi are left to recover. Shouko reveals to Raishin the secret behind Frey, Loki, and their “family”, which causes Raishin to go and attack them in order to release the dolls in their possession. Just as he’s cornered by a group of men and robots, Loki appears to back him up.

Episode Thoughts

Well a lot certainly happened this episode. It’s a little unbelievable that Raishin could take a blade to the chest and then be up and about a single day later the way he was. I’ve had surgery before on a much smaller scale than the damage he took and there’s just no way someone could move like that! Maybe Raishin is a doll himself or something though, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some secret to him we don’t know yet.

Overall I enjoyed the episode. There was some good action, intrigue, and Shouko. I think the one complaint that I’m starting to have about Unbreakable Machine-Doll is just that much of the action takes place at night, in very dark scenes. I just don’t like dark scenes in anime, not to this extent at least. I want more colour, like the fights we saw in episode 1. It seems like all of the fights will take place at night though, given the “Evening Party”, unfortunately. Oh well, still a fun episode!

Episode Highlights

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