Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Episode 8) – Facing “Sword Angel” IV

Raishin and Loki work together to take down Frey and Loki’s corrupt “family”, resulting in a final battle and the climax of this arc!

Facing “Sword Angel” IV

Raishin and Loki proceed to take out enemies within the family, until they are confronted by Loki’s “father”, a powerful man with a powerful doll. The two take some serious blows, but manage to win out in the end. Frey, Raishin’s teacher, and some others were watching from the shadows and arrest the man when the fight is at an end.

Afterwards, Frey is reunited with some other dogs, now leading a group of 5 including Ravi. After a misunderstanding from Yaya, Raishin is hiding on a rooftop when a girl that looks like Charlotte comes and jumps off. He saves her, she gets embarrassed, and then she runs off.

The episode ends with the school’s clock tower being destroyed, seemingly by Charlotte and her dragon doll.

Episode Thoughts

Not too much to say about the story, but this episode was pretty good. A lot of good action, and some good comedic banter between Raishin and Loki. It felt like a good conclusion to this arc, although I’m not really sure how the “Evening Party” really works when two of it’s participants are injured like this. Speaking of evening, once again the fight took place in the evening, making the scene a bit dark. I wish we’d get more light in this show!

The ending was certainly unexpected, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next episode.

Episode Highlights

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