Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Episode 9) – Facing “Elf Speeder” I

Raishin begins to investigate the appearance of Charlotte’s sister, Henri, as well as the reasons behind why Charlotte destroyed the school’s clock tower. What’s going on?

Facing “Elf Speeder” I

Raishin enlists the help of Frey’s dogs to track down Henri, who may know something about Charlotte. Frey gets a pair of Henri’s panties from her room and they track Henri down. But Henri gets Frey and Yaya angry that Raishin wants to violate her, and while they turn on Raishin she escapes.

Raishin learns some more from his professor. They theorize that Charlotte is doing the bidding of a powerful family for some reason or another, and that her goal was to kill the school’s headmaster. The episode ends with Charlotte blasting the headmaster. Henri and Raishin are caught up in the blast.

Episode Thoughts

Bit of a slow start, but interesting enough I thought. Only thing is that the episode lacked any real action. I guess this is just another way that Raishin is going to find himself facing some powerful enemies.

The weird thing about this is how the whole “Evening Party” angle has largely been ignored, ever since it started. We saw Raishin fight Loki, once, and that was it. They showed him on the field this episode for a short moment, but he didn’t fight anyone, I guess because no one was there? It’s strange. The Evening Party was hyped up in the first arc, and now it’s almost like no one cares about it anymore.

I was hoping we’d just get an honest tournament-esque arc here, but I guess not.

Episode Highlights

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