Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Season One)

Unbreakable Machine-Doll was an interesting anime that overlaps with many popular genres, such as fantasy, magic, and school anime… with a little added fan service. But how was the anime overall?



In this world, magic exists in the form of dolls, which are automatons that can be powered by a human’s mana and are used to fight. Our protagonist, Raishin, is a boy with a past and a powerful, human-line doll, Yaya, who comes to a prestigious academy for puppeteers. There, he hopes to take part in the “Evening Party”, an event where the academy’s top 100 students fight in order to determine who is the most powerful, the winner winning special privledges.

The World

I enjoyed the world design for Unbreakable Machine-Doll. I tend to like these sort of settings, the fantasy / magic types. This one takes place in essentially a Victorian Era world. The use of dolls for fighting was a good one also, in theory, because the dolls can get beat up or destroyed without killing off characters… in theory.

Being a school anime, I admit that we didn’t really see much of the actual “school” part of Raishin’s life, which I would have enjoyed. I actually like the school portions of these fantasy school types. The actual school part of the anime seemed a bit redundant, because the moment Raishin enrolls he just begins getting involved in conflicts and never engages in the school.

So overall, I’d say I liked the world but I would have liked to see more school life.

In addition, I’ll mention it here that I thought too much of the season took place at night in darkness, which for me, made it difficult to watch at times. I don’t like having to max out the brightness on my screen just to watch something.

The Characters

I won’t go into everyone here, but I had some remarks about a few characters.

In the beginning, I didn’t have much of an issue with Raishin, but as the anime progressed, I found he became more and more of a “can do no wrong, selfless hero” character. Every conflict ended with Raishin sacrificing himself and getting injured to help someone else. It got old, and I grew tired of it as his character began to feel very two dimensional.

Yaya was an interesting one. Overly emotional and attached to Raishin, she’s a bit of a trope. I’d say that once again, at first she was alright but over time the trope got old. Other than that though, I liked her design throughout and some of the fight sequences with her were great. The bulk of the fan service was from Yaya, and I’m appreciative of that, although I feel like we could have had more panty shots from her considering the short dress she wears.

The other girls, such as Charlotte, Henri, and Frey, were OK but overall I don’t think any of them were really noteworthy.

Overall I’d say no characters in Unbreakable Machine-Doll really stood out to me.

The Story

I thought the story started out great. I was interested in the “Evening Party”, and the idea of a battle royale between puppeteers. Couple that with Raishin’s personal ambitions and desire for revenge over someone, and it could have been an interesting story.

Unfortunately, the story completely clocks out from that initial concept and instead just goes down a couple rabbit holes involving other characters. Technically the antagonists will be combatants in the Evening Party in the future, but at the moment, that doesn’t matter. Even after the Evening Party begins, we see a grand total of two fights there.

I’d say the story just took too much of a detour.

The Ecchi

Finally, there’s the ecchi. I know that Unbreakable Machine-Doll isn’t trying to be an outright ecchi anime, and so honestly I just give the series credit for giving us some fan service. We even got a little nudity. My biggest criticism regarding the ecchi would just be that it’s not very consistent, and so some episodes have a lot of fan service, and some episodes have none.

Regardless, there are some highlights.


Story / Characters – Average

Overall, I’d say that Unbreakable Machine-Doll is just average in the story / characters department. I can think of many other fantasy / magic school anime that are similar to this one, and none of them really manage to provide anything that memorable. It’s not bad, but not anything that amazing.

Ecchi Content – Cool

There’s not very much ecchi content in the series, but the ecchi we do get is mostly of Yaya, Frey’s breasts, or Shouko’s breasts. Not many panty shots, mostly just breasts, and a little nudity. And as I mentioned earlier, the ecchi content isn’t consistent so you never know if an episode will have any fan service or not.

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