Val x Love (Episode 1) – The Fighting Maiden

Here we are with another ecchi title from the Fall 2019 season – Val x Love! Looking like one of the more interesting titles, Val x Love is supposed to be featuring some great ecchi, harem, and action all in one interesting package.

The Fighting Maiden

The anime begins by showing us 3 popular girls at a certain high school (I didn’t catch it’s name) – Natsuki, a blonde beauty, Itsuyo, the student council president, and Mutsumi, an up and coming idol. All three are said to be competing for an upcoming contest on the most beautiful girl in the school.

We are then introduced to our unfortunate protagonist.. Takuma. Takuma is a very well-built high school boy with a scary face – people often call him a “demon” when they see him, and run from him in fear. The thing is, Takuma isn’t what people think he is… he’s actually scared of people! Ever since his childhood, Takuma had been mistaken for a scary person, and no one would associate with him. And so he stopped interacting with people, to the point where interaction with them now frightens him!

There’s one other important thing to note about Takuma – he loves to study! His goal is to become an upstanding citizen, the wishes of his mother who had passed away.

But a wrench was thrown into Takuma’s life when a family of 9 sisters, the Saotomes, moved into his house – including Natsuki, Itsuyo, and Mutsumi! Takuma just wants to live a quiet life and study, but it seems things just didn’t work out that way for him.

That evening, Takuma goes out to get some things with Natsuki, when they run into a giant demon. This is when we learn that the Saotome’s aren’t regular girls – they are all valkyries. And they fight demons by using powers given to them through love. In other words, all 9 girls are living with Takuma in order to use their love for him to fight demons! After an intimate moment, Natsuki defeats the demon.

It seems things are just getting started here…!

Episode Thoughts

Wow, I knew this was going to be an interesting ecchi title, but this first episode was excellent! To start, we’ve got a very large cast of very cute girls. I’m thinking that Natsuki, Itsuyo, and Mutsumi will be the main 3 girls of the Saotome family, but who knows for sure?

While I didn’t get to it in the synopsis, from what we’ve seen, the reason the girls are living with Takuma is due to something that happened in the past. It seems that Takuma saved Natsuki’s life at some point, and then the sister’s dad contacted Takuma (through magic or something) telling him that he going to be given many swords. The swords being the 9 valkyrie sisters. One of the sisters though refuses to accept Takuma, which I guess is pretty standard. There’s always one that needs some time to come around to the harem.

What I enjoyed the most about this episode, story-wise at least, was Takuma. He’s just such a funny character. While he seems to go with the flow like the typical harem protagonist, his reasons for it seem a bit different in that he’s very shy / scared of interaction with others. His appearance and his passion for studying are both funny too. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Takuma stumbling through his wacky harem life.

We didn’t get to see too much action this episode, as it was mostly introductory, but what we did see was pretty good. Not enough to say too much, but I think that if we get any longer fights in future episodes they’ll probably be pretty exciting.

Finally, the ecchi. The ecchi from this episode was wonderful. Exactly what I had hoped for. Plenty of breasts, bras, and panties. With the fun premise Val x Love has in addition to this quality ecchi content, I think we’ve got ourselves an excellent ecchi anime to look forward to this season!

Ecchi Highlights

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  1. I was the exact opposite feeling. I didn’t really care for this episode at all. There seemed to be too much explanation of what was going on missing. I dunno, there was just something that didn’t click for me.

    I’m gonna give it a few more episodes, but it really didn’t blow my mind.

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