Val x Love (Episode 10) – The Drunken Maiden

Skuld, the newest villain in the Val x Love cast, makes her move and reveals her group’s identity. In addition, Natsuki drinks something she shouldn’t have and gets a little touchy-feely with Takuma!

The Drunken Maiden

While the Saotome sisters and Takuma are lounging around the house, Skuld and her servants decide to make their move with a sneak attack. However, they are intercepted by Ichika, and almost defeated. Skuld manages to kiss her maid, which allows her to transform. She then begins to summon several demons at once. Takuma and the other sisters rush out to support Ichika, and Skuld ends up retreating after announcing that they are “Norn”.

Afterwards, Takuma goes on a few missions with Ichika but is unable to increase her level because she refuses to accept him as her lover. The sisters then convene to discuss the Norn threat, when Natsuki accidentally drinks some fluid from one of Kururi’s devices, causing her to begin acting drunk. She puts the moves on Takuma, before eventually coming to her senses.

The episode ends with the sisters deciding to strike at the Norn.

Episode Thoughts

It really feels like each episode of Val x Love is split into two segments, and they can either be both story, both ecchi, or one of each. This time being the later, with some story early on before going into the ecchi with Natsuki.

That said, this episode was pretty tame compared to the last several episodes, with some bath shots of Mutsumi and then Natsuki in her underwear. Still better than nothing though! If anything, this is probably the amount of ecchi content we get in a regular series that still contains some fan service.

I’m liking Skuld, but I was kind of hoping we’d get some ecchi with her! Well, there’s still hope for that next episode as I imagine there will be a battle. Speaking of, the demons in Val x Love tend to get pretty “clingy” with the girls, so we might be in for a real treat next episode regardless. As always, looking forward to it!

Ecchi Highlights

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