Val x Love (Episode 11) – The Accepting Maiden

Skuld and her demons have launched their attack on the valkyrie household. Futaba and Ichika are ready to fight, and have a plan to take down Skuld. As they are both involved, this also means they will be the focus of this episode’s ecchi!

The Accepting Maiden

Prior to the attack, Ichika and Futaba decide that their best course of action is for Futaba to defend while Ichika sneaks behind the enemy and takes out Skuld’s lover, the woman dressed as a maid. This would end Skuld’s transformation, and cause the demons to be un-summoned.

Futaba powers up with Takuma with the classic “passionately kiss for 5 minutes while naked” mission. Then Futaba holds off the enemy and Ichika sneaks around with Takuma. They strike at the right moment, but unfortunately Skuld’s lover had developed a demon inside her own body, making her strong enough to withstand Ichika’s attack.

Because Ichika can only maintain her transformation for a few seconds, Takuma is forced to pick her up and retreat. While hiding, Takuma becomes more and more angry about the situation. He convicts himself, and begins to embrace Ichika to level her up. Ichika does the same, and together they transform. The episode ends with a reveal of Takuma’s transformation.

Episode Thoughts

Once again, Val x Love sacrificed a some ecchi in order to give us some story. Considering next episode is the last one of this season, I can understand that. While all of the ecchi so far has been amazing, it probably wouldn’t make for the most exciting conclusion to just see Mutsumi in a swimsuit or something like this.

Plus, I keep mentioning that I’d like to see more Futaba ecchi. And we did get a bit of that this episode. A little Futaba, a little Ichika. The demons this time must not have been as interested in going after Futaba in a lewd way, as the action was pretty straightforward for the most part.

Oh, and there was a brief moment with another one of the sisters, the one who normally wears a helmet. She was dancing naked – I believe she is the one who maintains the barriers that they use to keep demons away from the general public.

Overall, not as much ecchi as we’ve seen from most episodes, but the story has been building up to a climax which I’m sure we’ll get next episode. Which means I have one last episode to see some Skuld ecchi! I was wondering if we would get any this episode, but I guess not. I’m thinking the only way we’d get that though is if one of the demons goes berserk and begins taking advantage of her… which probably isn’t that likely!

Ecchi Highlights

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