Val x Love (Episode 12) – The Loving Maiden

The final battle of Val x Love continues with Takuma just having transformed for the first time. Will he and Ichika be able to protect the rest of the valkyries? Or will some demons have a good time…

The Loving Maiden

With his transformation, Takuma is able to refill Ichika’s AP / energy constantly so that she can maintain her own transformation. Ichika begins to threaten Skuld and her lover, but she is unable to protect Takuma while she attacks. Natsuki then arrives and transforms to look after Takuma.

But then Skuld’s lover transforms again into an even more powerful demon. She defeats Ichika and Natsuki, but Takuma is able to stand up to her and unravel her with the power of light. However, the damage had been done as the barrier had failed and the other sisters were under attack.

Misa is groped by a demon before being stabbed and killed. The demons then retreat. While Misa’s body is fine due to healing, her soul is in another realm, on it’s way to death. Takuma ventures in and carries her out. In the end everyone is safe, but the enemy managed to steal a powerful seed of Yggdrasil or something like this.

The episode ends with Takuma bursting into a room where Natsuki, Itsuyo, and Mutsumi are all changing and confessing his love for them.

Episode Thoughts

This episode pretty much had everything – a solid conclusion, a demon groping someone, panty shots… but unfortunately we didn’t get any Skuld ecchi. Next time, maybe.

Still, this was a fine conclusion to the season. The action wasn’t so drawn out that there was no ecchi, but there also wasn’t so much ecchi that we didn’t get any action. It was a fine balance that sometimes ecchi anime tend to get wrong, especially if they are desperate to wrap up the story and don’t have time to treat us to fan service in the rush.

I also really liked the way the episode was structured… Takuma defeats the demon, everything seems fine. But then the scene shifts to the Saotome household, only to find a demon attached to Misa and the other girls all hiding in a defensive cocoon. Was actually a little bit of a shock, and I really commend the anime for setting it up this way. Very well done!

Ecchi Highlights

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