Val x Love (Episode 2) – The Binding Maiden

Val x Love is only getting started! With a hilarious protagonist, excellent ecchi content, and an interesting story, things are looking up for the series. Last episode featured Natsuki, and this episode we will be taking a good look at Itsuyo…!

The Binding Maiden

The episode begins as the last episode ended – with Natsuki and Takuma together after Natsuki had defeated a demon. Natsuki tells Takuma that if he wants to become an upstanding citizen, there has to BE a world to live in. Takuma is still trying to come to terms with everything.

The next day at school exam scores were announced. Itsuyo scored best in the grade, Mutsumi scored well, and Natsuki didn’t do well at all. But the worst scores belonged to Takuma. Natsuki confronts him, and we find out that his fear of people prevents him from being able to focus on his exams.

Takuma ends up running away from Natsuki and Mutsumi, and gets caught by Itsuyo who binds him in chains. She mentions wanting to level up early, before a demon was projected to appear. However, Itsuyo fails at everything she tries, from massaging Takuma to looking him in the eyes – he’s just too nervous. He ends up escaping.

After a nice changeroom scene, a demon appears earlier than expected. The three sisters put up a barrier and meet with Takuma. Due to the nature of the demon, Natsuki won’t be able to defeat it using physical attacks. But apparently Itsuyo’s chains will work. Natsuki goes to distract the demon while Itsuyo and Takuma get intimate.

This time, Takuma convicts himself to make a move. With Itsuyo on top of him, he moves his hand towards her breast – but she slaps him, uncomfortable with it. Eventually, Takuma pats her on the head, allowing her to level up and transform. She then meets up with Natsuki who was in a bind and they defeat the demon together.

The episode ends with a glimpse at a villainous fellow on the student council.

Episode Thoughts

Another great episode! As I mentioned earlier, this one really focused in on Itsuyo… and her body! Lot of great ecchi shots in this episode of Itsuyo, as well as a couple of Natsuki. In addition, the story has been very straightforward and the action has been pretty good. Aside from the ecchi, I think the best aspect of the series so far has been Takuma. He’s just a really funny and unconventional character.

Unlike the usual harem protagonist that freezes up when a girl makes a move on him, Takuma just has this expression of outright dread and fear. Very entertaining to watch. So far he’s been consistent with his phobia and it’s been a fun twist to the typical harem protagonist.

As for the story, we learned that the Saotome sisters who are living with Takuma are daughters of Odin. So I guess we’re going Norse with the mythology in this one. It seems that intimate actions with Takuma, whether a demon is around or not, will level them up and make their valkyrie forms stronger. The whole theme is that “love is power”, or something like this, so I guess it’s fair to say that their level is sort of a gauge of their relationship with Takuma.

Despite putting on a confident and tough face, we learn that Itsuyo used to be a baby who cried a lot. So while she acted very forward towards Takuma and in general, when it came down to it she panicked and showed her true feelings, which is why she slapped Takuma.

Anyways, this has been another fun episode, and I think this is going to be a very consistent series. Which is great, and leaves me excited to watch next episode!

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Val x Love Changeroom

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