Val x Love (Episode 3) – The Secret Maiden

Another episode of Val x Love, another sister for Takuma to get closer to! This time featuring Mutsumi, the well-endowed idol!

The Secret Maiden

While Mutsumi has been busy working as an idol, her sisters Natsuki, Itsuyo, and Futaba had been busy defeating demons with Takuma. However, they finally feel that it’s time to level up another one of the valkyrie sisters. Meaning it’s time for Mutsumi and Takuma to go on a date!

The two go to a cafe, but end up running into someone from school. They then go to a bookstore where Takuma buys a book for his studies. Afterwards, the two are in the mall when a low level “gossip demon” arrives and begins hollering that the idol Mutsumi was there. Takuma and Mutsumi run and hide in a locker.

Mutsumi comes up with a plan, telling Takuma that she can get them out of there if she is able to level up, as her valkyrie form allows her to fly. As she can’t reach his face, she kisses Takuma’s chest, and manages to get the two of them out of there just before they were to be discovered.

The villainous guy on the student council from last episode was also following the two on their date, but never actually went after them as it seems the eldest valkyrie sister was watching over them.

After admiring the sunset, Mutsumi’s flight ability runs out and the two go back home from what ended up being a successful date.

Episode Thoughts

I’ll be honest, the synopsis doesn’t read like much happened. You might think this was a boring episode. Personally, I thought it was a lot of fun. I’m really loving the ecchi situations Takuma is finding himself in, and I’m really warming up to the valkyrie sisters. Mutsumi is a very cute girl and it was nice to follow her this episode.

There was no epic battle with a powerful demon or anything like that this time around, but I actually liked how we got a sort of cliche date episode. It was just fun to watch, and I got some Date A Live vibes from it. Besides, I’d say this anime is just as much about the developing harem as it is about fighting demons. If anything, the harem is more important. That, and some great ecchi moments.

Overall, I’m really loving Val x Love. It’s actually kind of refreshing to get an honest ecchi harem anime. I love Takuma, and I’m really liking the valkyrie sisters so far too. Bring on the awkward Takuma moments, and the excellent ecchi!

Ecchi Highlights

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