Val x Love (Episode 4) – The Serving Maiden

The fun ecchi harem Val x Love continues! Last episode focused on Mutsumi, the idol, in a quite cliche situation. Who will the anime treat us with this time?

The Serving Maiden

The episode begins with Takuma out at a national mock exam. He returns and says that he didn’t do so well, because he didn’t expect so many people to be there. The youngest sister, Kururi, asks Takuma to play with her. A game of tag is suggested. Everyone draws lots to determine who is “it”, and Futaba draws the winning lot. She mentions that she will be taking everyone’s panties.

The game of tag begins, with some ecchi situations as Takuma runs away from Futaba and the other sisters cover for him. Eventually he is cornered, and that’s when the sisters give him a present – a good luck charm for academic success.

The next day at school classes are preparing for the upcoming cultural festival. Natsuki’s class is going to do a maid cafe. The villainous character on the student council then arrives to approve the idea. Natsuki is asked to debut a maid uniform, and the villain holds a test of Natsuki’s charm, by trying to get her to charm Takuma. She fails, because Takuma is so nervous – but while they aren’t paying attention, the villain uses a crystal to turn the class into demons!

The two fight the demons, and then head home.
I guess the class was okay after being knocked around.

Episode Thoughts

Just a day in the life of a scary-looking nervous wreck and a group of valkyrie sisters. Like last episode, this one had a fairly relaxed feel to it. Val x Love is really shaping up to be a classic ecchi harem anime. Just a fun experience that doesn’t need to be taken too seriously. And as usual, we got some pretty good ecchi here. The anime has been quite generous with it, which makes the anime more enjoyable I think.

When I first saw the episode title I thought perhaps it was referring to another one of the sisters, but it was actually Natsuki in the maid outfit. I think that the way this is going to play out is that while all of the sisters may end up with Takuma at some time or another, Natsuki, Itsuyo, and Mutsumi are going to be the “main three” in the harem. They’re all close to Takuma’s age and go to school with him, so it makes sense that this would be the case.

Still, it’s nice that there are other characters there to freshen up the ecchi content. As much as I like Natsuki, I’m sure I’d get a bit bored of only seeing her over the whole season. That said, I’m still enjoying ALL of the ecchi so far. I’m hoping for some Futaba ecchi soon!

That’s about all from me, a fairly straightforward episode overall.
Just some fun ecchi harem shenanigans, with some demons mixed in.

Ecchi Highlights


Bath Scene

Maid Natsuki


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