Val x Love (Episode 5) – The Believing Maiden

The funny and exciting ecchi Val x Love continues with more developments. This episode featuring Takuma as he navigates his school’s cultural festival with the Saotome girls!

The Believing Maiden

It’s time for the school’s cultural festival! Probably because everyone thinks he is a demon, Takuma doesn’t have to help his class, giving him the day to study spend time with some of the Saotome sisters. First up being Yakumo, the quiet and composed sister. They visit his class’ maid cafe, where Natsuki is their server.

Natsuki brings them a drink with a two-ended straw for couples. Yakumo won’t drink it, but she dips her hand in it and commands Takuma to link her fingers. He then accidentally pulls the tablecloth, causing the drink to spill on Yakumo.

After that, Takumo goes to a haunted house with Kururi, the youngest sister. They both get scared and Misa, the green-haired sister, comes to get them. But a live eel is accidentally dropped by one of the people working at the haunted house, and it falls into Misa’s clothes.

Takuma manages to get the eel out, and brings it to a fountain. He is then confronted by the villainous guy from the student council, and kidnapped. A large demon is summoned, and the sisters seal it into a artificial space within a cube. All of the students become controlled as well, like they were last episode in the classroom. The sisters split up, with some going into the cube to fight the demon, and some staying outside to protect the cube.

Takuma is badly hurt by the villain, and he tries to stand up to him, but to no avail. The episode ends with Futaba arriving to challenge the villain…

Episode Thoughts

Val x Love does not disappoint in the slightest! Ecchi everywhere.. I’m loving this show more by the episode! The cultural festival moments were awesome, and we got more ecchi with the demon’s tendrils attacking Itsuyo and Mutsumi’s bodies.

The part with Yakumo having Takuma suck on her hand was really well done. It reminded me of HenSuki and how Yuika was supposed to be a dominant character, but she never really filled that role well. This one scene with Yakumo was more sadist / dominant than Yuika was in all of HenSuki. Take notes, this is how it’s done!

The eel scene was also excellent. It’s always great to get ecchi content from a new female character, and we haven’t had much from Misa aside from a panty shot or two last episode.

And of course, the demons… they’re real perverts! It wasn’t explained this way, from what I can remember at least, but I’m just going to go with the idea that the demons aren’t trying to physically kill the sisters, but corrupt them or something like this. Why else would the demons constantly be tearing up clothes and groping the valkyries?

The battle isn’t yet finished either, as Futaba is just about to fight that villain. I’ve been hoping for some Futaba ecchi too, so I think that we’re in for another treat next week. Val x Love has been the anime that just keeps giving!

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