Val x Love (Episode 6) – The Naked Maiden

Val x Love continues where it left off last episode, with Takuma in a pinch and Futaba about to fight. Maybe we’ll get some good Futaba ecchi this episode?

The Naked Maiden

Futaba arrives to help Takuma. She summons a wall between Takuma and the villain, allowing Takuma to escape. However, the nature of his wound is worse than previously thought, and the villain is able to use a parasite inside Takuma to literally cleave his body in half. The good luck study charm given to Takuma earlier then activates. A giant tree appears, and Takuma’s body is stitched back together. It’s hinted that part of this process has to do with hidden potential within Takuma himself.

Futaba then proceeds to knock the villain around without trouble. Takuma makes it to Natsuki after battling some demonic students, and they both undress and make out while holding each other. To think just a few episodes ago they were embarrassed to even hold hands! Natsuki powers up, enters the space where the demon is battling the other Saotome sisters, and defeats it.

The rest of the cultural festival goes without a hitch, and Mutsumi ends up winning the beauty contest between her, Itsuyo, and Natsuki. The episode ends with a glimpse at another villain who appears as a young boy.

Episode Thoughts

The natural conclusion to last episode’s conflict. It’s too early for anything to go too wrong, like Takuma dying or something. Although that sort of thing doesn’t happen in this kind of anime.

I’d say that Val x Love wasn’t as enjoyable this time around. I think the episode felt too straightforward, if that makes any sense. Takuma escaped, he battled, he made out with Natsuki, and then she defeated the demon. That was essentially it. Felt like the episode was just lacking. There wasn’t as much ecchi this time around. And no Futaba ecchi! What’s a guy gotta do to get some Futaba ecchi?

To be fair, it’s thanks to this conflict being stretched over two episodes that we were able to experience the amazing cultural festival moments from last episode, with the maid cafe and the eel. Naturally, I’ll keep on watching and will keep my eyes peeled for some Futaba ecchi. It’s become a personal mission at this point, Val x Love has to deliver at some point!

Ecchi Highlights

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