Val x Love (Episode 7) – The Reeling Maiden

The ecchi harem fun continues with more days in the life of Takuma!
This time with an extra helping of ecchi!

The Reeling Maiden

The first half of the episode features a house-wide game of “play doctor”, with Takuma as the doctor. He sees each of his patients one at a time, asking them to aid him in his various examinations from checking a heartbeat to taking measurements. Most of the girls have their reservations about the whole thing, and the examinations don’t produce any results in the end. At the very end of it all, Takuma’s doctor outfit, which was designed by Kururi, blows up, leaving him in rough shape.

The second half features Itsuyo asking Misa to go on a date with Takuma in order to provide an example of how a date should go, because Itsuyo is too nervous to find out for herself. Misa creates a situation where she is alone with Takuma by tasking him with sorting all of the girls’ laundry while she stitches together a stuffed animal for Natsuki. Of course, things don’t go exactly as Misa planned and we get some fairly ecchi situations out of the ordeal!

Episode Thoughts

A great episode packed full of ecchi situations. Sure, the whole valkyrie story was pretty much benched this time around, but technically they are leveling up through their intimate interactions with Takuma! So it’s all worth it in the end.

The play doctor portion of the episode produced mixed results, but I’d say it was decent overall. I was sort of hoping for more ecchi given the premise, but Takuma didn’t have all the girls strip down for the same examination. For example, he checked Mutsumi’s teeth, and asked Itsuyo for a urine sample… I’m just being greedy here though. It really was pretty good, all in all.

The second half was great though. I’m liking Misa ever since the eel incident a few episodes back, and she delivers with some great ecchi this episode.

Overall, it was just a great episode for ecchi content. I’m really enjoying Takuma as the harem protagonist, and I also really like all of the girls. At this point the overarching story doesn’t even matter too much to me – I’m having a lot of fun just watching days in the life of Takuma and his ecchi harem!

Ecchi Highlights

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