Val x Love (Episode 8) – The Strengthening Maiden

Takuma’s ecchi-tastic life continues with the lovely Mutsumi and the cold Yakumo as his partners while Natsuki rests. In other words, it’s more heart-pounding lewd situations for Takuma!

The Strengthening Maiden

A new element is introduced to the story – stats to accompany the Saotome sister’s various levels. One of which being AP, which if depleted, means no transformations. This is demonstrated after Natsuki goes in for a deep kiss with Takuma and is unable to transform. But with a demon forecasted to appear soon, Mutsumi and Yakumo are put on assignment with Takuma to try and level up before it shows up.

First, during one of Mutsumi’s photo shoots, Takuma is tasked with holding Yakumo’s hand for one hour. Unfortunately he has a nervous reflex at one point and lets go of her hand, failing the mission. So the two visit Mutsumi’s trailer while she is on break, and a new mission commences: take embarrassing photos of Mutsumi!

Takuma gets into the role of photographer, and then Yakumo joins in with Mutsumi. During this, a demon appears nearby and attacks. The two transform and commence a plan to try and tire the demon out by having it chase them, but it doesn’t work. An arrow then strikes the demon and creates an explosion, decimating everyone’s AP, demon included. But the demon isn’t dead yet – Takuma stands and fights it, before summoning a book and restoring some of the girl’s AP.

They then defeat the demon. Yakumo’s opinion of Takuma has improved after the fight.

Episode Thoughts

What can I say, Val x Love hasn’t failed to deliver since episode 1! Consistently packed with new ecchi content to enjoy. It’s also nice that the harem was introduced so early, because I really love how the show can jump between so many different girls to bring us that variety.

Mutsumi was the star of the show this time around, but Yakumo had a few nice moments as well. As a character, Yakumo has been great for creating some pretty ecchi situations, like when she pulled out some ice cream for her and Mutsumi to lick…

The action itself this episode wasn’t anything to write home about, but it didn’t drag on or anything. I still really like the premise of fighting demons, and now we know that the reason the demons like to lewd up the girls is because they are draining the girl’s AP! It all makes sense now, and makes me love the mechanics of this world that much more!

Simply put, another excellent episode.
Now let’s get to those highlights!

Ecchi Highlights

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