Val x Love (Episode 9) – The Touching Maiden and the Touched Maiden

Ready for more ecchi? This week, Val x Love once again outdoes itself! While there is a story, we’re more interested in watching the Saotome sisters “level up”!

The Touching Maiden and the Touched Maiden

The first half of the episode features a new Val Love quest for Takuma – rescue Itsuyo from a train groper! Only, the groper in this instance is just Natsuki. After being investigated by the police, Takuma makes it back to the station in time to get on the train and “save” Itsuyo.

Afterwards, we are introduced to a new villain – Skuld. She seems to be an uptight “noble” demon of some sort, all wrapped up in a loli package.

And then we are treated to the episode’s second half, in which Ichika, the oldest sister who has been watching over Takuma and sisters from the shadows, comes home. To try and boost her levels, as she is only level 1, Takuma washes her back, and then she washes his back. Finally they kiss. Ichika transforms, but her transformation uses so much energy that she immediately collapses.

Episode Thoughts

Honestly, despite being very ecchi heavy, I thought this episode was fairly well-balanced! Essentially it was setup so that we had an ecchi segment, followed by a little story development with Skuld, followed by another ecchi segment. I think the episodes feel so well formatted because of the premise, how Takuma has to do little “Val Love” quests with the girls in order to increase their levels. It’s easy for them to squeeze them in for half an episode, or less.

And even though we didn’t see much of her, I am looking forward to more Skuld. I hope she’s like Yakumo, and gets “hands on” with the Saotome’s at some point…

The censorship was a bit disappointing, but completely expected. This episode will be worth it’s weight in gold once the uncensored version comes out!

Overall, another great episode.
In fact, I’d say this was the best so far from a fan service perspective!
Lot of ecchi, so we’ll just get right to it!

Ecchi Highlights

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