Val x Love (Season One)

It’s that time again, and the season is winding down. Val x Love has been a real ecchi treat, but all things must come to an end eventually! Let’s take one last look at Val x Love before we begin tentatively awaiting a sequel.

Val x Love Family

Val x Love

Val x Love follows Takuma, a reclusive high school boy who lives with a group of 9 sisters: the Saotomes. The only catch is, they are all valkyries, and Takuma has been chosen by Odin (their father) to be their lover! When demons appear, it’s up to the Saotome sisters to defeat them, but they can only manifest their powers with Takuma’s love. And they can also level up their powers, with a little help from Takuma and ecchi!

Ecchi, Harem, Comedy!

No question, Val x Love is an ecchi harem anime through and through. Not only this, but Takuma actually starts the anime with the harem, instead of adding girls one at a time to it! It’s thanks to this that we get to skip the harem creation and start off with 9 girls in the harem. That said, Takuma still has to win over their trust, and be able to fill the role of “lover” in their minds.

With such a variety of girls, Val x Love really does an excellent job as an ecchi harem anime. While one of the sisters is too young for ecchi, we still get to enjoy ecchi situations from the remaining 8 sisters! A lot larger than the average harem, and as someone who has been appreciating variety within anime lately when it comes to these things, I was thoroughly impressed here.

In addition, because Takuma himself is so awkward, there are plenty of comedic moments to be had in this over-sized harem!

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Primary Three

While I do mention the harem is large, the anime does give a little more focus to three girls: Natsuki, Itsuyo, and Mutsumi. The main reason being, these three are all around Takuma’s age and go to school with him. So while Takuma is supposed to be a lover for all of the sisters, the anime hints that these three girls in particular are more of a romantic love, or at least that this is what they are feeling towards Takuma. We still get plenty of ecchi love from them too!

Val x Love Ecchi Sisters

Beautiful Structure

The last point I wanted to bring up about Val x Love is the episode structure. While there is an overarching story about leveling up in order to be able to defeat increasingly powerful demons entering the world, the anime is very casual about this. And most of the focus is placed on leveling up, as opposed to fighting demons, although we get that too.

And so for most of the anime Val x Love uses a great formula of splitting episodes into two portions. An episode could be half story, half ecchi, all story, or all ecchi. Most story segments revolving around defeating demons (which also gets quite ecchi!), and most ecchi segments involving leveling up.

It’s a satisfying structure, as some episodes you’ll get a ton of ecchi in one segment, only to be treated with even MORE ecchi in the next! It also allows the anime to balance story progression with that sweet ecchi conent. Overall, I really enjoyed it and the anime flows very well due to it.

Season Highlights!

Val x Love Yakumo Saotome


Story Rating – Good

A good rating fits well for Val x Love, as it really isn’t the focus of the anime, but it works. It’s quite vague overall, with some shady villains presented to us, but the bulk of the anime focused more on just a daily life of leveling up and defeating demons here and there.

Ecchi Rating – Smoking

Val x Love is simply packed with amazing ecchi content. It really is an ecchi anime throughout, and the ecchi itself is just awesome. Every episode is an ecchi treat. And the series as a whole contains such a variety of ecchi content, from the level up activities to the sheer number of Saotome sisters. It’s all just great.

In Conclusion…

If you’re on the market for an absolutely ecchi-tastic anime, Val x Love may be exactly what you were looking for! It’s not too serious, it’s got great variety, and it has all the ecchi you could ever want. You may laugh at times too! Overall, I really enjoyed Val x Love and think it’s a great example of an anime that puts the ecchi first, but still is able to construct an enjoyable experience on all fronts.

Episodic Reviews

If you wanted to see more Val x Love content, you can check out each individual episode here!


  1. I gave this my worst Ecchi of the year in 2019, but perhaps I should give it a second look sometime in the future. I just couldn’t care for it. HensukI was so much better.

    • In terms of Ecchi, HenSuki wasn’t even in the same ballpark. Val x Love is an ecchi anime first, and everything else comes second. I know you dropped it right away, but it’s more about goofy ecchi scenes to “level up” the girls than it is trying to create an interesting / immersive story like HenSuki or Date A Live even. I feel like you’ve used the wrong ruler to measure this one.

      • Quite possibly, I didn’t like the series skipped all of it’s set up with it’s main character and the girls. On one hand I can respect that, but I really wanted some time to get to know who they were and what their deal was. You need to have a REALLY good episode to make up for that, and Val x Love didn’t. I’ll probably give it a second look in the future, but I just preferred Hensuki better.

        • Lol you remind me of myself when I say “I don’t like Star Wars because Lord of the Rings is just better” haha.

          Val x Love reveals more about why Takuma was chosen for the girls and all that over the first… 3 or 4 episodes? With flashback scenes and whatnot here and there. I thought the story was OK, but it’s clear that the story framework pretty much ONLY exists to justify all the ecchi situations!

  2. I’ve always said that because Hentai is so readily available. Ecchi needs to actually start hooking me in with the story and characters. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord did that, Shomin Sample did that, Date A Live did that, Hensuki did that, High School DxD absolutely does that.

    Val X Love never did and that turned me off almost at once. But now that my expectations are in check, I’ll watch the series again and probably change my mind.

    • That’s true. Personally, I actually like how ecchi is more of a tease, partly because ecchi sometimes gets real creative with what we see, and I think Val x Love does that.

      But once you get into the type of ecchi that we see in Shinmai, with outright messing around in the shower / on the bed… then I can see your point making perfect sense.

  3. Alright you’ve convinced me… I’ll go watch this now

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