Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Episode 10) – Oppression

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Title

Charlotte has taken control of Mermaid Island and is rounding up all the girls to be retested, no doubt at the request of Momoka who is searching for the girl with the Valkyrie Effect.


Kasumi is struggling with Charlotte’s new regime and remembers the time she came to the island with her partner Hibiki. They were hunted by the other girls and it wasn’t until Akira Hiragi stepped in and brought order to the island. Hibiki never recovered from the incident, but Kasumi became Akira’s number two. So, seeing Akira exposed was troubling, but seeing what Charlotte was doing was far worse. However, Charlotte wasn’t about to let her plans be disputed and Hibiki’s wellbeing was the ultimate trump card to keep Kasumi in line.

Mamori and Mirei arrived at Veste to find an unconscious Akira Hiragi tied up and exposed for all to see. They cut her down and took her someplace safe. Mirei then returned to the castle, determined to set things straight. Charlotte had Kasumi intercept Mirei and when it looked like she wasn’t trying hard enough, Charlotte’s minions dangled Hibiki from a balcony to inspire her to fight harder. Mamori returned to Veste and saved Hibiki. She then drove with Mirei and unleashed her full power once more, much to Momoka’s delight!

Episode Thoughts

We got some good fights in this one and plenty of crazy girls going crazy on one another. The flashback at the beginning was particularly brutal, especially given the last effects on Hibiki. It was interesting to see it pretty much taking on a Lord of the Flies sort of path as Charlotte took control and started forcing everyone to do what she wanted. Of course, she’s just a puppet for Momoka and it soon to regret it, but that’s for another episode. One thing that always makes me laugh is how much the girl’s boobs change in size from scene to scene, especially once they’re free of the bra. Either they’re all wearing the wrong size bras or they magically grow once exposed to the air!

Ecchi Highlights


Charlotte’s Rule!

Momoka visits the Governeur!

Lady Lady!


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