Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Episode 6) – No Money, No Life

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Title

It’s almost time for the Mermaid Island beauty pageant and Meifon has a plan to win some extra money. All she has to do is convince Mamori to convince Mirei to enter for her. What could possibly go wrong?

No Money, No Life

Luckily Meifon manages to find a prize that Mamori can’t resist and if Mamori wants something, you can bet Mirei will do whatever it takes. Reluctantly, Mirei enters the pageant and relies on Meifon and Mamori to whip into shape… Charlotte, however, has plans of her own and doesn’t like losing so she enlists Meifon’s partners to rig it in her favour.

When Charlotte wins the pageant, Meifon refuses to believe it and intercepts the real votes. She’s mad at Futaba and Hyouko for double-crossing her and Mamori and Mirei aren’t too impressed either. So, they all start kissing and prepare to fight… Meifon plays the ultimate trump card when she’s able to drive herself using cash!

Episode Thoughts

This is probably my least favourite episode. It’s so obviously filler and a beauty pageant seems kind of redundant when you have girls kissing and rubbing nipples every episode. Meifon is also my least favourite character and it focused on her for the most part which didn’t exactly help. It seems crazy that she would get so mad that her attempts to rig the pageant backfired. It’s like a mugger getting annoyed if the victim knocked them out and stole their wallet. Anyhow, there are some nice moments, but if you want any story progression, you’ll have to wait.

Ecchi Highlights

Let’s Make Some Money!

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Episode 6 Meifon Futaba and Hyouko Counting their Money



Charlotte Bathing!

The Pageant!

Start Kissing, it’s Time to Fight!

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