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Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Title

It’s tough being the Gouverneur of Mermaid Island, especially when you’re the only guy. Sometimes, you’ve just got to get away for a while, put on a dress, and soak your body in a hot pool… hang on a minute!

To Believe

After a brief fight broke out at Vesti between some girls, the Gouverneur, Akira Hiragi steps in to shut it down. There’s also been some sort of unusual signal on the island and Akira is keen to track it down. He heads out along and stops at an abandoned mansion to change. And boy, does he change… Well, it turns out that the Akira is actually a woman! Having had her boobs strapped down, she seems to be quite excited to free them for once.

Akira puts on a summer dress and a wig and follows the mysterious signal. On the way, she bumps into Torino who knows of her double identity. She invites Akira to come to have a soak in the hot pool, which she does. While there, they discuss the island but are interrupted by Mamori and Mirei. Mamori stand wide-eyed as the sight of Akira naked causes her to drive all by herself… Soon, it’s revealed that the girls that had a fight earlier have kidnapped a guard and taken refuge in the old mansion where Akira hid her Gouverneur clothes.

They sneak in using a tunnel Meifon dug and fight to free the guard. It turns out the guard was in on it and hits Mirei with a pepper spray, knocking her out. Mamori and Akira are tied together and are forced to drive as a means to escape. Having defeated the girls, Mamori runs out to tell Charlotte, but Akira’s wig gets removed and Mirei, who has regained consciousness sees her.

Episode Thoughts

It was a clip of this episode that I first saw before seeking out the rest of the series. That clip involved Akira and Torino in the hot pool and it’s just as good today as it was back then. It’s amazing that Akira can keep those boobs hidden because they’re massive and also pretty spectacular. It was interesting to see Mamori’s reaction to seeing Akira, especially as I’m pretty sure if I had the A-Virus I would have driven on my own too!

There was some story progression in this episode although it was fairly minor, but then when we get another hot pool episode, I doubt anyone is going to complain. This was a great episode and it more than made up for the last one which really did do much.

Ecchi Highlights

The Gouverneur!

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Episode 7 The Governeur Akira Hiragi Steps In

The Gouverneur!!!!!!!!

Hot Pool!

Going to Fight!


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