Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Episode 9) – Takeover

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Title

Not long after Lady Lady and Mirei had returned from the secret facility having faced off against an artificial arms, a new transfer is sent to Mermaid Island and she’s about to shake things up!


They found Momoka Sagura on the beach semi-conscious and brought her back to Vesti. There she revealed that she had already awakened and even showed Charlotte just how powerful she was. Happy with this, Charlotte added her to the Adel team. However, after a brief encounter with Akira Hiragi, who was suspicious of the timing of Momoka’s arrival, Momoka took it upon herself to convince Charlotte to challenge Akira.

Charlotte was easily convinced and with Momoka as her Extar, she was sure she could win. However, Akira Hiragi’s artificial arms proved too strong and knocked Charlotte and Momoka unconscious. Well, that’s what it looked like at first. Momoka climbed to her feet and transformed into monstrous weapon and destroyed Akira’s artificial arms and exposed him what he really was… a woman!

Episode Thoughts

So the group behind the A-Virus has sent a team to Mermaid Island to recover Mamori after her Valkyrie Effect in the previous episode. It would appear that there are several of them with Momoka being the only one to let herself be found. She made pretty quick work convincing Charlotte, but then she’s always been a bit of an airhead. I’m surprised she’s been able to maintain that position for this long… and I’m not talking about that position… if you know what I mean!!! Anyhow, this episode set a few things in motion and it’s really going to shake up Mermaid Island as we build towards the finale. It was a good episode. The story moved along, there was some good fights, and that position…

Ecchi Highlights

The New Transfer!


Fighting the Governeur!

The Truth Exposed!

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