Waifu of the Week (#10) – Yua

Miru Tights Yua

I’ll be honest with you all, the first look at Yua was enough to win my heart, from episode 1. Who could have thought that Miru Tights, such a short anime that spends 90% of the time below the waist, could produce a waifu like Yua? Her smile tells you all you need to know.

Waifu Wednesday

Aside from a pair of legs that look great in tights, something that all Miru Tights characters have in common, we also find out very quickly that Yua is a cosplayer with a lot of followers. The looks that I’m sure she gets at school aren’t enough, she has decided to share her legs with the world! And us, by extension.

But images tell the story better than I ever could.. so enjoy these highlights of Yua from Miru Tights! Hopefully they don’t just sell you on Yua, but also sell you on Miru Tights! These are some of the best highlights the series has to offer, with the potential for many more as we continue with this series over the coming weeks.

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