Waifu of the Week (#102) – Ghislaine Dedoldia

Watch out! It’s a strong woman with a sword… which can only mean that Lynn is picking the Waifu of the Week again. Seriously though, look at those abs… Bow down and worship, Ghislaine – Sword King.

Waifu Wednesday

It might be a little soon to jump on Ghislaine, but I knew the moment I saw her that she was instantly going to be my favourite character in Mushoku Tensei. I mean, just look at her… Anyhow, Ghislaine basically ticks all of the boxes – tall, amazing body, incredible boobs, master with a sword. She’s pretty too in an “I’ll kill you if you call me pretty” kind of way, which is the best kind.

After watching Killing Bites I was beginning to worry that I was venturing down the forbidden path of the furries and this just seems to confirm it. However, in my defence, Ghislaine only has ears and a tail. The rest is all muscle… hmmm!

My only hope for Ghislaine is that she continues as a main character for the rest of the series and into the second season which is coming in the very near future. Mushoku Tensei has been a thoroughly enjoyable series so far and I’m really excited to see more. I really wasn’t expecting to be this good. Do yourself a favour and give it a go.

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