Waifu of the Week (#103) – Hana Midorikawa

With Prison School almost over, and the recent highlights, it’s about time Hana got her turn as waifu of the week on the site!

Hana Midorikawa

I liked Hana from the first moment I saw her. Both her vibrant hair and levelled bangs alone are eye-catching. She has a great voice and fiery temper also. And of course, she’s very fit. I also love the various facial expressions we see from her in the series, and how blush she gets when she ends up in certain situations.

I will say that the whole situation around Hana involves Kiyoshi having seen her urinate (which could have been avoided if she didn’t… urinate outside) is not very appealing to me. It’s not something I’d ever want to see, and I think it’s a bit weird. And her fascination with getting revenge on Kiyoshi by making him urinate in front of her is weird as well.

So maybe she’s a little mental. I’ll let it slide, because as always, when it comes to waifus, there is a lot of leeway if the girl is cute. So that’t that, really.

You can see more of Hana and Prison school with my coverage of the series here:

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