Waifu of the Week (#110) – Saijou Honoka

She’s the president of the photography club and runs an underground illicit photography website featuring the girls and teachers from school… What’s not to love about the flirtatious Saijou Honoka?

Waifu Wednesday

There were some pretty crazy girls in My Wife is the Student Council President! but I think Saijou might be the more outrageous of the bunch. She constantly found herself at odds with Ui and Rin because of her underground website that sold images of students and teachers. Even if they were fakes, it’s still a pretty crazy side hustle to be running.

On top of that, Saijou seemed to enjoy teasing Hiyato as much as anything and certainly didn’t have any problems doing so. Poor Hiyato was the butt of every joke in this series. Still, most would change places with him in a heartbeat. His only issue was that it looked like it was impossible for him to pick any girl but Ui who had trapped him.

I’m saying that Saijou would have won without Ui, but she would have been in with a shot and that’s all that counts. Her need to remove her panties while taking lewd photos was an unusual if not completely welcome character trait. It’s always nice seeing girls that aren’t completely devoid of urges. My Wife is the Student Council President! is a fun series that really excels at delivering amazing ecchi moments. Go watch it now, that’s a direct order from the president!

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