Waifu of the Week (#111) – Moka Akashiya

Let’s go back in time once more for a waifu that I’d forgotten to cover back when I was covering Rosario to Vampire – Moka!

Moka Akashiya

She has two personalities technically, with her sealed form, and her badass vampire form. Her sealed, pink-haired form is very cute and would make for a great girlfriend I think. A little clingy, but very kind and friendly. But then, her vampire form is just awesome. Strong, seemingly more intelligent, and just awesome.

As long as both personalities are in agreement, I’d say Moka makes for an interesting waifu. Now I don’t remember if it was ever mentioned in the series, but because she’s a vampire, does that make Moka immortal? Possibly!

You can see more of Rosario to Vampire here:

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