Waifu of the Week (#13) – Sayuki Tokihara

Hensuki Sayuki Confession

It was a tough decision this week, but I had to do it. Normally, Yomu covers Hensuki, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching it too. Well, I have and it’s hilarious. I love trying to work out what each of the character’s kink is. Some have been obvious and others not so, but it’s a great ride all the same. Anyhow, sorry, Yomu, but I am selecting Sayuki Tokihara as my Waifu of the Week! I’m not sorry really.

Waifu Wednesday

Sayuki is the upperclassman and the president of the Calligraphy Club. The same club where Keiki’s quest to find out which of the girls was his Cinderella or which of them would fit into the pair of panties left for him with the mysterious note. Well, if I was Keiki, this series would have ended at the end of episode one when Sayuki revealed that she had a pet fetish and wanted Keiki to be her master.

Sorry, ladies, but that would have been game over. How Keiki was able to walk away from that sight is literally the biggest unexplained mystery in the world. Damn it, Keiki! Just look at her. Anyhow, in the last week’s episode Sayuki showed up at Keiki’s house and managed to convince him to rub her belly while she lay on the bed with large dog paws on her hands and feet and fluffy ears on her head. Seriously, Keiki… WTF! Pick Sayuki, she’s easily the best choice.

HenSuki Sayuki
HenSuki Sayuki Collar
HenSuki Sayuki Bowling

If you’ve not seen this series, I would definitely recommend it and I believe that Yomu would feel the same way. There are lots of girls and lots of different perversions, so there’s most likely something for everyone. Sayuki is obviously the number one girl, but I’m sure it’s fine if you want to have a different favorite.

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