Waifu of the Week (#14) – Saki

Magical Sempai has proven itself to be one hilarious show, and while Sempai herself leads the charge in creating funny and ridiculous situations, we’ve been blessed with one other female character with a fun personality of her own – Saki!

Magical Sempai Saki Cellphone

Saki isn’t the brightest girl, but she definitely knows what she wants – her brother… Okay maybe that’s a bit odd, but there are still other redeemable qualities to Saki. She’s got red eyes, which I happen to absolutely love seeing on anime girls (although I’m sure seeing that in real life would be a different story…). She’s also got great hair, with a nice colour and length.

I actually like Saki’s attitude, how she’s sort of bratty and lazy. I don’t know why, but I just like bratty anime girls. Maybe it’s because I don’t have to personally deal with them…

But of course, above all else, the reason I chose Saki for waifu of the week, is her big boobs.

In the end I’m just a simple guy with some simple tastes.

Magical Sempai has always been a blast, but the introduction of Saki has added a whole new layer to the enjoyment. She absolutely deserves a spot alongside Sempai herself as a great choice for a waifu. Definitely check out the highlights from this series if you’d like to see more!

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