Waifu of the Week (#15) – Homare Onishima

Are You Lost Episode 3 Homare Getting Undressed

With so many great shows coming to an end this week, I felt I needed to give Homare a shout out. As the central character of Are You Lost? she has kept the Asuka, Shion, and Mustu alive and probably made them more confident in the process. It’s funny that in the first episode when they were introducing themselves to each other, Homare seemed like the most timid and least likely to be the survival expert.

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Homare is utterly fearless and has an incredible understanding of the world and how to survive in it. This is largely thanks to her father and his unorthodox ways of doing things, but she has been a willing student and has shown time and again just how valuable this sort of knowledge is. One of the fun things with this show, apart from all the underwear, has been learning along with Asuka, Shion, and Mutsu.

Part of me wanted to cheat and name all four of the girls as the Waifu of the Week for this week, but I resisted. Asuka is my second favourite, but then Mutsu and Shion aren’t far behind. In truth, it’s just been a lot of fun being stranded on a deserted island for twelve weeks, even if it was only for fifteen minutes a week.

Are You Lost Episode 8 Homare Not Happy About Wasting Food
Are You Lost Episode 1 Homare About To Pee
Are You Lost Episode 1 Onishima Homare Beached
Are You Lost Episode 9 Asuka Shares Homare's Sun Screen
Are You Lost Episode 8 Asuka Shion Homare and Mutsu Dragged to Sea Naked
Are You Lost Episode 1 Homare Kissing Mutsu

So, there you have it. That’s Homare and I’m going to be sad to see this series end. I’m also a little disappointed not to add any of the other girls to the Waifu of the Week hall of fame, but that’s just the way it goes, sadly. Not everyone is going to make it. Anyhow, I would definitely recommend you check this show out and as the episodes are only fifteen minutes long, it should take no time at all to binge the whole thing.

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