Waifu of the Week (#16) – Yuiko Okuzumi

Miru Tights may have ended, but there’s one more Waifu that I won’t forget about from it… and that’s Okuzumi-sensei! Who could forget those legs of hers? Waifu tier.

Miru Tights Okuzumi Sensei

Okuzumi-sensei actually didn’t show up all that much in Miru Tights, as she was a side character. But when she did, it was generally a good episode. And she had one episode (episode 7) in particular to herself that was very good, in which Okuzumi-sensei ended up having a good time with a student…!

Speaking of, that student had good taste. It would have been great to see more of Okuzumi-sensei, but she did leave a good impression for the few episodes she did appear in at least.

So there you have it. Not all my Waifu picks have big boobs, just most of them!

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