Waifu of the Week (#18) – Mizuha Kiryuu

HenSuki may be over, but we’ve failed to get one last waifu from the show in here. All of the HenSuki girls were waifu material in some way or another, with Lynn taking Sayuki from right under my nose as a prime example!

But that’s fine, because as HenSuki progressed, we became much more aware of Mizuha and her charm. I, of course, had Mizuha on my radar from the very beginning, and the proof is in my posts. I knew she’d be a serious X factor in the series.

If I had to list the moment Mizuha became absolute waifu material, it was the pool episode. That was the episode that sealed Mizuha’s status as a prime waifu. And to prove it to you, here are some highlights of the lovely Mizuha Kiryuu:

HenSuki Mizuha Swimsuit Tall
HenSuki Mizuha
HenSuki Mizuha Phone

In the end, Mizuha won over my heart as the true waifu from HenSuki. Lynn thought he pulled a fast one on me, but the joke is on him, because my patience definitely paid off in the end with Mizuha Kiryuu!

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