Waifu of the Week (#19) – Raynare

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Part of me wanted to pull the trigger on Lyrule from High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World! but I’ve only got one episode’s worth of images to work from, so I’m going to hold off. This week, however, I have chosen someone that would either make an incredible waifu or she’d kill you! It’s a gamble I’m willing to take!

Waifu Wednesday

That’s right, it is Raynare, the fallen angel that killed Issei and tried to kill Asia. Sure, she’s a little unhinged and somewhat terrifying, but just look at that body… She’s also got a pretty warped sense of humour especially when it comes to Issei and penetrating him with shafts of light! For a former angel, she definitely has a dark side to her personality and that’s going to make for some interesting times.

Of course, this all even more of a fantasy that her just being animated. Alas, poor Raynare is also a deceased anime character having been obliterated by Rias Gremory. It probably makes this even better timing as episode 5 of High School DxD was the last anyone will ever see of the stunningly devious Raynare. Well, until you scroll down and relive some of her greatest outfits… enjoy!

I know, they’re all the same outfits apart from one, which was just her rather incredible gravity-defying boobs. Well, if you’re still itching for more Raynare, check out the first five episodes of High School DxD. We also have the episode highlights linked below where I discuss with Yomu about our favourite moments. It’s something special for one of the greatest ecchi series ever.

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