Waifu of the Week (#20) – Natsuki Saotome

One of our heroines from the newly airing ecchi harem anime Val x Love, Natsuki Saotome is this weeks waifu! A cute blonde girl who also happens to be a powerful valkyrie…

Yep, even though we’ve only seen a couple episodes so far, we have already seen more than enough to convince me that Natsuki is waifu material. In fact, the first episode of Val x Love alone was enough. Natsuki is just a very cute girl, and considering how much of her we’ve seen so far, I’m sure that there are plenty of more great moments of her to come.

As per Val x Love’s premise, Natsuki can transform into a valkyrie with the help of the anime’s protagonist, Takuma. And Natsuki’s valkyrie form allows her to conjure up swords and unleash them on her enemies.

In addition, Natsuki also sports some very cute glasses when she is studying, even if it seems she’s not quite on top of her studies.

Overall, a great choice for a waifu.

As it is still early, there’s no doubt that Val x Love will give us more Natsuki Saotome in episodes to come. You can follow along with our coverage of the anime here:

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