Waifu of the Week (#22) – Zuikaku

If you’ve been following along with Azur Lane: The Animation, then you probably have a good idea as to why this historical Japanese aircraft carrier is this week’s waifu of the week! If not, well, this week’s waifu is an aircraft carrier…

Technically, at least. It gets a little odd with Azur Lane, a mobile game adapted into an anime about cute girls who are also historical warships. And while there are many, many, cute girls in this show, Zuikaku has shown herself to be the best waifu material thus far!

To be honest, I don’t know too much about her character, it’s hard to follow all of the characters in this show. She’s stubborn, intent on winning, and has a lot of heart. While she’s on the “bad team” when it comes to morality, I don’t think Zuikaku herself is a bad person/warship, when compared to Agaki and Kaga that are framed that way.

Of course, the final criteria to meet… she looks amazing.
The excellent animation of Azur Lane really helps to push Zuikaku forward as a great pick for a waifu of the week!

Azur Lane Zuikaku Tall
Azur Lane Wallpaper Sakura Empire

And if you thought these pictures were beautiful, you should check out more from the show, as it has some seriously top-quality animation!

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