Waifu of the Week (#24) – Himawari

This week’s Waifu really could have been any of the girls from the main cast from OreSuki. And we’ll probably get to all of them at some point. But for now, the first on the list is the cute and energetic Himawari!

While her name really is Hinata Aoi, she’s best known for her nickname of Himawari, which comes from some sort of wordplay with the kanji that make up her name in Japanese. She’s full of energy and the perfect “childhood friend” character.

Himawari, while smaller than her romantic rivals, in more ways than one, makes up for that by being super cute. Seriously, Himawari is a total cutie. Even if she’s using that to her advantage at times, it’s understandable how she could get any guy to do her bidding with that cute smile and a warm hug.

As previously mentioned, OreSuki has several other characters that definitely qualify as waifu material. And we’ll get there soon enough. But as the first waifu introduced in OreSuki, it felt fitting to pick her first and foremost!

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