Waifu of the Week (#26) – Kurano Kurumu

This week’s waifu is the tenacious and lovely Kurumu from Rosario to Vampire! If anything, she has a big “presence” in the anime!

Weekly Waifu

When looking up her full name I’ve also realized that I’ve been calling her the wrong name. For some reason I started writing her name as “Kurumi”. I don’t even know if that’s more common, but it sounds more normal to me, so I guess that’s where my mistake lies. Plus the letters are right next to each other on the keyboard!

Anyways, Kurumi, Kurumu, her name isn’t what’s important. What’s important is that she has a very pretty smile and a BIG personality! I’m a big fan of Kurumu. Not only is she (in my opinion) the most attractive gal in Rosario to Vampire so far (sorry Moka), but she’s also a succubus with a taste for humans! Not a bad way to go, if you really had to choose.

She also has no qualms about using those two weapons of hers to her advantage, enveloping Tsukune whenever she gets a chance. You gotta love when a waifu is self-aware about these things.

Is that enough to convince you that Kurumu is waifu material? While Tsukune is a bit of an airhead and doesn’t notice these things, it’s clear that she’s quite the succubus. If she had chosen ANY guy other than Tsukune, she’d have drained some serious energy already, if you know what I mean…

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