Waifu of the Week (#28) – Mutsumi Saotome

There are just so many excellent waifus to choose from this season! So let’s go back to Val x Love once again for another waifu, this time with Mutsumi Saotome!

Weekly Waifu

I’ve already featured one Saotome from Val x Love, with Natsuki. And now I’ll feature another with Mutsumi Saotome. Just one look at her should be enough to figure out why she’s waifu material, but in case you’d like more reasons, I can help with that too.

First off, have you noticed Mutsumi’s chest? Pretty good if you ask me. It’s weird because I never really considered myself a big fan of large breasts, and yet it seems like every other week I’m choosing a waifu that fits that criteria! Chest aside, there’s more.

Mutsumi has masochistic tendencies, but not too an extreme level. She doesn’t go asking to be treated like a dog or anything, but she does get pretty excited around Takuma. Personally I feel like the ecchi scenes with Mutsumi are a little more enjoyable because you can see in Mutsumi’s reactions that she herself is getting excited at the situation. She’s not as extreme as Sayuki from HenSuki though, so there’s no extreme side to it. Which is also great.

Finally, although this might be a bit of a downside, Mutsumi is an idol. Which means you get that satisfaction of knowing your waifu is someone in the public sphere, but then you’d also have to worry about not being able to go out in public with her.

Anyways, none of this really matters because these pictures should tell the whole story!

Val x Love Mutsumi Breasts

So, there you have it. If you’re on the market for a waifu, perhaps Mutsumi Saotome is a good fit for what you are looking for. If not, well there’s always next week as we keep on expanding out list of waifus to choose from!

And of course, if you want to see more Mutsumi you can check out our coverage of Val x Love here:

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