Waifu of the Week (#3) – Ao Horie

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 5 Ao Bath Time

Star of Ao-chan Can’t Study (excluding her father who is hilarious), Ao Horie is a high school student with a surprisingly dirty mind, who often jumps to outrageous conclusions.

Waifu Wednesday

Last week Yomu got to pick and while picking two may be considered cheating, I don’t think anyone was complaining. You can check out the post here. So, on the lead up to this week’s selection, I was certain that I knew exactly who I would be picking, but as we’re basing the picks on the last week’s episodes, I found myself gravitating to a different waifu!

After watching Ao-chan Can’t Study slowly and surely get better and better each week, it probably isn’t a surprise to see Ao Horie named as Waifu of the Week. I’m not going to tell you who I was originally looking to pick, but they didn’t get enough time to shine in their episodes. I’m sure they will get another chance. So, for now, let’s just celebrate Ao and her dirty mind.

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 4 Ao Imagines Threesome
Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 5 Ao Schooling Kijima
Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 5 Ao Bath Time Boobs
Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 4 Sad Ao

I’m sure, you’re going to want to see more, so you’ll find the links to all of the episodes of Ao-chan Can’t Study that I’ve covered so far. You’re welcome!

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