Waifu of the Week (#30) – Yakumo Saotome

Kicking off the new year, I’ve decided to once again go to Val x Love for my waifu. This time it’s the bold Yakumo Saotome that gets the stamp of approval!

Weekly Waifu

Once a week we select a waifu from an anime that we are watching or have previously covered here on the site, alternating between Lynn and myself (Yomu). I felt like I may as well throw that out there here in the new year for anyone unaware.

The goal is to create a large comprehensive list of waifus in order to help give you all ideas as to what sort of waifu you’d like!

Now, Yakumo Saotome isn’t like many of my previous choices, because she doesn’t have large breasts. BUT, Yakumo has a quality that elevates her to waifu status in my eyes – she’s exceedingly bold. Yakumo is a character that does not hesitate, even when the situation turns ecchi!

From making Takuma lap up water from her bare hands, to “encouraging” Mutsumi to model a skimpy swimsuit and lick ice cream on camera, to “having fun” with Natsuki in the bath… Yakumo is a real go-getter. It seems wherever she goes, ecchi follows. And I really like that about Yakumo.

In addition, she’s pretty cute herself, and has a very cool and composed personality. Overall, great waifu material, and definitely different from so many of the other waifus out there!

Val x Love Ecchi Natsuki Yakumo
Val x Love Yakumo

So there you have it. She’s cool and composed, but also very playful…! Yakumo is a very different from the typical waifu, but she fits the bill perfectly in her own way. A great source of ecchi and entertainment, you can’t go wrong!

You can see more of Yakumo and all of her sisters in our posts on Val x Love here:

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