Waifu of the Week (#33) – Saeko Busijima

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There was a period of time where I was completely out of the anime scene. I hadn’t seen anything new in quite a while, but I’d never stopped loving anime. Then, I happened across a YouTube clip of anime zombies and being a massive zombie fan, I had to see how my two loves could combine. Needless to say, another love was born at that moment and her name is Saeko Busijima.

Waifu Wednesday

I had originally planned to award Saeko with the Waifu of the Week following episode 9 which is my favourite episode, but that would have made her the Christmas Waifu and it only seemed right that it should be an elf – Lyrule. Now that I’ve finished my lastest rewatch of Highschool of the Dead, it is time to declare that Saeko is Waifu of the Week… no, Waifu of the Decade… for me anyhow. She is just incredible. I love her smile, her serious face, the way she can hack down zombies with a wooden sword or a katana. She’s a little bit crazy, but that’s so hot.

Saeko has been integral to so many incredible moments in this series. She mercy killed a fellow student that had been bitten, Takashi flung her through the air of a motorcycle, there’s the scene with the Humvee in which she is only wearing an apron and a thong while riding on top of it, and finally the bullet time scene. It’s impossible not to notice Saeko, yet she can also be timid and traditional. She really is the complete package and you know that if you get in trouble, she is going to be able to handle it.

There was never going to be a reality where I didn’t pick Saeko at some point and if you just glance at those highlights above, I’m sure you’ll agree. This is my favourite series and my favourite character, so maybe I am a little biased, but that doesn’t make me wrong. Now, I have to return to the world where there is no more Highschool of the Dead, well, I could reread the manga and then there is the OVA…

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