Waifu of the Week (#34) – Kaminashi Nozomi

I can’t wait any longer! After 3 weeks of Keijo!!!!!!!!, Nozomi is this week’s waifu.

Keijo Ecchi Anime Girl Swimsuits Nozomi Wink

Kaminashi Nozomi

Nozomi is awesome. She’s got a real passion for keijo, unlike anyone else. Even when she loses, she feels nothing but excitement. Nozomi reminds me of a shounen protagonist because of that, only her passion is to clash butts with other girls!

She’s cute, she’s usually wearing spats or a swimsuit, and she’s this week’s waifu.
Not sure what else I need to say here, Nozomi is one of the best in my eyes!

Keijo!!!!!!!! Ecchi Anime Nozomi Swimsuit

If you’d like to see more of Nozomi, and her swimsuit-wearing compatriots, check out my coverage of Keijo!!!!!!!! here!

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