Waifu of the Week (#36) – Coconut

This week’s waifu is Coconut the catgirl from Nekopara!

Nekopara Coconuts


That’s right, I’ve chosen Coconut to be this week’s waifu. Not only was she the cat whose name I learned first, but she’s also a very fan-service oriented catgirl. Both thanks to her tantalizing looks / outfit and due to the very comedic moments where she acts like.. a cat. As one should probably expect from a cat!

We’re only 4 episodes into Nekopara so far and Coconut has already provided us with some excellent moments. The various personalities of the catgirls have really grown on me, and Coconut was the first to catch my eye and help me realize that Nekopara was a much more enjoyable anime than I had initially thought it would be. And for all of these reasons, she’s a great contender for waifu of the week!

Check out my posts covering Nekopara to see more of Coconut, as well as the other cute catgirls!

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