Waifu of the Week (#37) – Saya Takagi

Highschool of the Dead Episode 2 Saya wearing Glasses

With Plunderer failing to provide one interesting character, I am forced to reach back a couple of weeks to find a suitable for Waifu. Is this breaking the rules? Take it up with Plunderer!

Waifu Wednesday

Yes, that’s right, I have returned to Highschool of the Dead to select another Waifu and quite frankly it’s more than deserved, even with Plunderer only giving us wooden girls and gropey guys. I have selected Saya Takagi as this week’s Waifu of the Week and while I can see she will rub people the wrong way with her forthright manner and direct approach to everything, she’s also a bombshell in her own right. Not to mention that she is the brains of the group and without her, they really wouldn’t have fared quite so well.

That’s right, Saya, the bespectacled tsundere of the group is well worth her place on the Waifu of the Week hall of fame. I certainly didn’t appreciate her as much as she deserved the first time I watched it. Admittedly, she’s competing with Saeko, Rei, and Shizuku, so it’s a tough crowd for sure, but she definitely holds her own and any man would be lucky to have her boss them around. After all, who wouldn’t want someone dominating them twenty-four hours a day…

Ultimately, this wasn’t a hard decision to make and Saya is leagues ahead of any of the girls in Plunderer. Yomu did offer me one of the girls from Keijo!!!!!!!! for this week’s selection and that would have been a great choice, only my favourite girl, Mio Kusakai hasn’t featured much in our coverage so I decided to hold that one back for later. My biggest concern with picking Saya is that I’m now going to want to watch it again… Who am I kidding? Of course, I’m going to watch it again.

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