Waifu of the Week (#38) – Non Toyoguchi

It’s back to Keijo!!!!!!!! for another waifu of the week, this time with Non Toyoguchi, the voluptuous girl with some very bouncy powers.

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Non Toyoguchi

Yeah, I’ve skipped over some other characters from the series in order to choose Toyoguchi. Fact is, most of the Keijo!!!!!!!! gals are waifu tier girls.

So allow me to explain what makes Toyoguchi so great here.

First off, the most obviously, she’s got a great body. As I said before, Toyoguchi is very voluptuous, more than any other girl in the series. Very “thicc”, to put it bluntly. And surprisingly, while big breasts are common in anime, “thicc” isn’t something that we see all that much!

So Toyoguchi is actually quite unique in that regard.

And then secondly, there is no second reason.

Toyoguchi is a bit of an airhead, but I’m not sure that’s necessarily a positive or negative, or neither. Personally it doesn’t matter much to me if she isn’t the most tactical or smartest girl, instead opting to just stick her butt out and hope for the best. I think the better way to put it is that Toyoguchi is a very innocent girl, and I like that.

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