Waifu of the Week (#41) – Kasumi Shigure

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Episode 3 Kasumi Shigure Adjusts Glasses

I’m pretty sure, you’re not allowed to wear glasses in an anime unless you adjust them at least once. Even better, if you can do it and still look hot! Hot and dangerous gets you bonus points as well!

Waifu Wednesday

That’s right, I’m heading back to Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid to plunder yet another waifu. This time it’s the super cool and collected Kasumi Shigure. As Akira Hiragi’s number two, Kasumi was responsible for overseeing pretty much everything and even with her harsher appearance, she was far more fair and lenient with the girls than Charlotte. She even came up against Charlotte once she’d acquired the role of Governeur for herself. This was stopped pretty quickly, however, as Kasumi’s weakness was paraded before her.

Kasumi arrived on Mermaid Island with her partner Hibiki and they were instantly attacked by a gang of girls. Akira Hiragi saved them, but the damage was already done and Hibiki hasn’t left her room since then. This has forced Kasumi to fight without an Extar earning her the title of Zero Arm. She is a fierce combatant and never backs down from a fight, but like I also mentioned, she’s fair and doesn’t charge in without thinking.

On a side note, Kasumi always wears tights although they often seem to end up shredded when she enters combat. So, for fans of Miru Tights, this one’s for you too. If you’ve not seen Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, hopefully, this will give you the push you need, but then if you don’t like to see girls kissing, fighting, and shredding clothes, then……….. What are you even doing here? This series is a lot of fun and while it’s fairly ridiculous, you can look past that.

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