Waifu of the Week (#43) – Kokuyou

Tsugumomo Episode 3 Kokuyou Arm Wrestling Shirt

Hopefully, this selection is a little premature and we’ve not yet seen all there is to see of the busty shrine priestess, Kokuyou, but it’s pretty hard to ignore her. Not every girl can eat everything on the menu in one sitting!

Waifu Wednesday

So as of writing this post, I’m only five episodes into Tsugumomo and already Kokuyou has caught my attention. She appeared briefly in the first two episodes but didn’t really get to shine until the third episode when she went head to head with a restaurant menu. Kokuyou won and Shirou lost, taking the hit in his wallet. I’m not sure exactly why, but there’s nothing quite like a good shrine maiden and Kokuyou is, without a doubt, a stunning shrine maiden.

On top of her solemn demeanour and bodacious body, she’s also pretty tough, going toe to toe with Kiriha in the “arm-wrestling”. Hopefully, we’re going to see a lot more of her in the coming weeks as I dive into the first season and then follow straight into season two. This is a really fun series and Kokuyou is definitely my type. Strong, silent, serious, huge boobs…

Judging on the OP for Tsugumomo, which is excellent, by the way, it would appear that in true harem comedy fashion, everyone will end up living with the male protagonist. In this case, that’s Kazuya and that itself leads to more situations in which we can see Kokuyou. My gut tells me that there will be a shower/bath scene with everyone in and Kazuya feeling pretty uncomfortable. So, here’s hoping that that happens and this series continues to be as much fun as it’s started out as.

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