Waifu of the Week (#44) – Maria Naruse

The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 10 Trump Card Maria Determined

This week, I’m reaching back into the Ecchi Hunter past to pull a gem into the present and that is Maria Naruse from The Testament of Sister New Devil, in trump card form, of course.

Waifu Wednesday

Part of me desperately wanted to recognize Kiriha from Tsugumomo, but she’s still in her shrunken form and that wouldn’t feel right. So, to counter that, I’ve decided to take Maria Naruse in her trump card form, which makes her the best character in the series. She already had the greatest attitude and personality, so giving her the best body to go with it was an absolute slam-dunk. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever, but with this post, we can freeze time and enjoy the moment.

Seriously, Maria is so much fun. Even when she takes on the form of Mio’s little sister, she still outdoes everyone and makes the series that much more entertaining. Without her, it would have been very dull. If only Mio had half the lust for life that Maria had, then this series could have been outstanding.

Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer before Kiriha can join the illustrious group of waifu, but in the meantime, Maria Naruse is a worthy addition. We should all be so lucky to have a Maria in our lives, especially one that can activate her trump card and bewitch people with her succubus powers, not that they would really be needed…

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